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About Us

Matla was born with a view identified gaps within certain sectors in the economy as well as offering our clients the most modern solutions for their operating environment.

We deliver this by using the latest available techniques, by adopting them to unique environments to deliver tailor made solutions to our specific clients and markets.


Spaza Merchant Services

Local emerging market retailers have to become part of a formal structure e.g. associations to pull them together – No more solo trading and to struggle on their own as individual traders. Trading training and support is needed for emerging market retailers. Technology System is in Major demand for these stores. Technology infrastructure will form the basis to develop the emerging market stores to connect them to the South African retail and wholesale eco system.

Tailored Group Insurance Schemes

We are focused on tailored insurance related services and investment solutions. We have a strategic relationship with various insurers. These strategic relationship allows us co-build solutions with our customers to get the best possible solution for “Them”. We primarily focused on groupings (stokvels, social/sports clubs, burial schemes, etc.), corporates and SME’s.

Trade Finance Broking

We also focus on trade finance brokerage as an alternative to banks, as we stands as an intermediary between businesses who want to borrow money and those who have monies to lend (Could be a bank); we assist in securing loans on a short term basis. We understand the risk involved in acquiring loans to people who do and don’t have adequate collateral but they know how to go about their business, and finding solutions in mitigating the related credit risk.


To offer our clients tailor made, innovative and integrated solutions to their unique challenges and assisting them to achieve their strategic goals. Matla Consulting is a growing and profitable environment for its shareholders and a healthy and rewarding work environment for its employees.


To be the leading black owned technology led financial services in South Africa


Quality – we strive to provide the highest level of goods and services.
Accommodative – we are accommodative to our clients and stakeholders.
Solution orientated – we are committed to finding the best possible solutions to assist our clients meet their strategic goals.

Our people

Our people are our greatest asset as we believe that adding value to our clients and loyalty requires quality people. Our highly-skilled and talented people, enhances our services to our clients.
We are committed to continual investment to our people through continuous learning, challenging experience and enhanced work opportunities.

Thabo Moodie
Director – (B.ACC), B COM (HONS) (ACC)

Thabo Moodie is a finance graduate, with an honours degree in accountancy from the University of the Free State. He completed TOPP articles at ABSA, where he gained valuable experience in different divisions including ABSA Group Secretariat, ABSA Card, ABSA Internal Audit, and ABSA Capital. After completing articles, he joined ABSA Capital full time as a junior product controller, where he was involved in key projects in the product control area. He later moved to ABSA Wealth within the group as an investment analyst. He left the group briefly to join IQ Business as a Principal Consultant in the Risk & Finance area.


Connect with us here:
3274 Romania Crescent
Cosmo City Ext 3
Phone:   +27 73 650 9949

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